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Our journey will start around the end of July and will end the half of September, when we will return in Italy.

The dates could undergo some slight variations dictated mainly by the weather conditions and the availability of tickets for the ship that will take us from Hirtshals to Tórshavn.

We have spent the last few months carefully studying the map and the landscapes we would like to discover with our eyes and we have traced our path:


From Rome, in 5 days, we will reach Denmark, passing through the Austrian side where we will meet the Alps from the Brenner Pass and then dive into the Austrian Tyrol,characterized by the fascinating alpine landscape full of breathtaking scenery and high-altitude villages Imst and Ehrwald.

We will then cross Innsbruck and head towards Germany. 
Through the Romantic Strasse, a succession of romantic villages, castles, ancient cities with trellis houses and surrounded by medieval walls, baroque and gothic pilgrimage churches and monasteries, we will arrive to Nuremberg and then continue to Hamburg.

Fær Øer Islands

The entry into Denmark will mark the beginning of the second part of the journey, the one to the north. We will embark for the Fær Øer Islands in Hirtshal s and after about 40 hours of navigation we will arrive at Fær Øer, in Tórshavn , the smallest capital in the world.

We are going to stay on these islands a week and the planned stops are:
> the island of Mykines, with its 15 inhabitants, 40 houses and the highest cliffs;
> the Djúpini cliffs , the Akraberg area, with the famous lighthouse on the southernmost tip;
> the island of Stóra Dímun, inhabited by one family;
> Saksun, a tiny village in the North of the island of Stremoy, consisting of a few houses with grassy roofs, surrounded by a natural fjord, a beach and a mountain;
> Sørvágsvatn (less commonly known as Leitisvatn), a “hanging” lake, enclosed between cliffs overlooking the ocean on one side and rolling hills on the other.


We will sail from Tórshavn and reach Isafjordur, one of the most beautiful place among the fjords of the west. We are going to stay in Iceland about 20 days. From Isafjordur we will drive to Húsavík where we will reach our Icelandic friends who live on a farm a few miles from this small shing village. After a break not yet de ned in details we will go to the fjords of the East, the wildest place in Iceland. There, among old abandoned villages and dirt roads, we would like to feel the pure spirit of this island. Proceeding south we will arrive in Reykjavík, the capital. From there we will continue our journey south to Vik , home to one of Iceland’s most beautiful beaches. Our itinerary will take us to the ice-bay Jokulsalron and from there back to Isafjordur where the ferry will take us back home.